Lemon Infused Brussels

There is no doubt that I love my greens.

Kale, spinach, arugula and more! There is scarcely a green that my family won’t eat.

That is, unless you are a brussel sprout.

It wasn’t until going gluten-free that I learned to love brussel sprouts. Before then I gagged at the thought. No matter how they were prepared, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of eating the miniature cabbage like greens.

I don’t remember what drove me to try them again, but I did; and to my surprise I enjoyed every last bite.

Then I began to crave these little globes.

Fresh or frozen, I could easily eat these by the bowlful.

But my family? Notsomuch.

It was not until my school sent me to a week-long summer training in Dallas that I discovered the secret to making brussels edible to even the pickiest eater.

You see, it was on this trip that I had the opportunity to eat at P.F. Chang’s for the first time, ever.


And it took only moments for the gluten-free lemon infused brussel sprouts to catch my eye. The moment I tasted these, I knew I found the key to getting my family to enjoy brussel sprouts.

The secret?

Well, there are a couple.

First, shred the sprouts!

By fine shredding the sprouts, gasses are released and there is little risk of the bitter taste that kept me from enjoying these beautiful little greens for many years.

Second, undercook them. Slightly.

By keeping your sprouts slightly crisp, you prevent the sprouts from emitting the unpleasant sulfur that impart the bitter taste and smell that keeps most from enjoying these wonderfully healthy globes.

Third, lemon.

As it is with many greens, just a squeeze of lemon makes all the difference and can take these vegetables from bitter to benevolent!

Today I am happy to share with you my version of the lemon infused brussels my family loves!



Lemon Infused Brussels


  • 4 slices of uncured smoked bacon, cooked crisp and grease reserved*
  • 15-20 brussel sprouts, shredded
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • Salt and Pepper to taste (smoked sea salt is my favorite for this recipe!)


  1. In large skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Remove strips from the pan, reserve the oil and allow the bacon to cool. Add shredded sprouts to hot oil, stir and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes, max. Remove from heat, squeeze lemon over sprouts, add salt and pepper to taste. Crumble bacon over sprouts and serve.
  2. Makes approximately 4 servings
  3. *Make this recipe vegan by subbing omitting bacon and bacon grease, using 1 tbs coconut oil in place but be sure to use smoked sea salt. That hint of smoke sends these sprouts above and beyond!


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  1. Brilliant, Sunny! I agree on the shredding part, but didn’t know the why. I just knew they tasted better and I thought even my hubby would eat them that way. I ate at an upscale restaurant last month and the dish I ordered came with Brussels Sprouts. Now granted, my plate was a small meal to begin with, but I am certain there was only one Brussels Sprout in the whole dish. Because it was shredded though, and the overall portion was small, it was just the right amount. I look forward to trying these on Mr. GFE soon!


    • After years of trying to get my kids to eat more than one sprout (which they would begrudgingly choke down), I finally have them asking me to make them! Asking! Truly a hallelujah moment.

      Merry Christmas my friend.

      Lots of love,


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