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2012-08-05 18_28_59

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  1. I would love to read a series like this! Although my dagtuher is great about eating veggies, beans, etc. at home, I struggle with lunchbox ideas to send with her to day care (she’s 3 and I have a 7 month-old boy who will be going to daycare in a few months). We usually send leftovers with her (i.e., rice, beans, pasta, broccoli, etc) because they have a microwave to heat up. However, they occasionally go on field trips and need a picnic lunch. She loves peanut butter sandwiches, but the day care is nut-free and she won’t go near sunflower seed butter! I know I’ll need a ton more lunchbox ideas for when she gets to school without a microwave! I have a thermos for her, but she’s still too little to open it herself! I also have an issue with how many cupcakes/treats people bring in for birthdays. I’m not told when the birthdays are, so I’m not prepared to send her vegan cupcakes every day! My husband thinks she should just eat them to fit in, then just eat healthy at home, which is what I’ve been doing so far.Also, when we go to large family events, she will go right for the cheese and cold cuts (we’ve only been eating a whole-food plant based diet for 5 months, so she still remembers eating yummy choose)! I don’t really want to give her food issues by telling her No, so I try to intercept her with healthier fare, but I’d love some tips to deal with this!Some of my friends back in my hometown are scared to have us over for a play-date over lunch because they don’t know what to feed us.Any posts on this topic would be very interesting to me!!

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