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  1. This is a great idea! Please peslae peslae run with it! Ever since I started breastfeeding my son I stopped consuming all dairy myself. The thought of consuming an animal’s breast milk just grosses me out now. This has also made me question all animal products, so I have jumped in with both feed and started researching food, which I how I found you and your cookbook LTEV. I make all of my son’s food, so he has not had any animal’s products. However, my husband isn’t sold on this no animal products thing. He says he doesn’t think that we can meet our son’s needs without giving him meat/dairy. So having nutritional facts on the food I prepare would be helpful. The other things I struggle with is the time it takes preparing (throwing meat on the grill is SO easy so unless I have things prepared, my husband will just throw meat on the grill for a fast dinner). Also, I need help with food variety so we just aren’t eating salads/beans/rice every meal. And finally I need help preparing foods that are soft enough for my son to eat and use his fingers (he refuses to eat from a spoon right now). I just discovered that if I make a chunkier puree and freeze it and then cut it into finger size pieces he will eat the puree frozen. : ) He is also teething! Thank you for all that you have taught me so far. I’m really looking forward to your specialized help in raising my son vegan!

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