Why doTERRA is my oil of choice

This is the beginning of what I believe will be a series of somewhat controversial posts.

No, these will not be political in nature.

And no, we will not be discussing religion of any sort.

But before I start, I want to make note of something…

I don’t do product endorsements.

You see, I will talk about products I love like my Vita-Mix. And while I have purchased many products, like grass-fed beef and sugar-free bacon from places that are popular with other bloggers, I personally won’t push you to purchase from these larger groups… instead, I would love to see you find a local rancher who raises grass-fed beef and possibly find someone local who raises their own sustainably-grown pork and makes their own bacon.  Or better yet, buy some pork belly from them and make your own bacon!

I will brag on my grass-fed rancher over on Facebook and even on Twitter and I will definitely encourage you to check out organizations like Bountiful Baskets online to help you save money on fresh produce, but that is mainly because I know Bountiful Baskets does their best to keep things as local as possible and sources from small farmers for items that cannot be found locally (banana’s). But I will stand firm in my belief that you need to get to know your local ranchers before you get to know mine…and you need to visit your local farmer’s market to get to know the people who are raising food naturally in your area.  Better yet, grow your own food as much as you can!

Following these steps is truly the only way I can afford to feed my family! Farmer’s markets, local ranchers and bountiful baskets have allowed us to follow a whole-foods diet without breaking the bank.

That being said…today, I am stepping out on a limb and officially endorsing what has become the only essential oil brand my family uses.


Those in my personal circle have known this for a while. Many of my friends and family have also begun using these oils after finding out why I made the change…and I pray that you will take the time to listen while I explain how dōTERRA became my oil of choice.

A while back a dear friend of mine from wayyyy back in Jr. High contacted me and told me that she would like to send me a gift. About a week later, I had three cute little bottles of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint from a company I had heard of but hadn’t yet purchased…dōTERRA.

As a blogger, I often receive samples of varying types of product. Depending on the nature of the agreement I have with the organization sending the item, there are times I leave that product alone until I truly feel the need to break it out. There are items I have reviewed on my site and there are products I have had to kindly turn down as they are not on-par with what my overall goal for this blog is.

It is more important to me to be honest with my readers than it is to win product endorsements…

Which is probably why my name isn’t a household name just yet. 😉

At least you know if I am telling you to use a product it is solely because I believe in it, not because somebody is paying me to do so.*

Anyhow, looking back, I laugh because when I opened my gift, I simply thought “Oh, cool! More oils for my collection,” and I set them back on the shelf in my medicine cabinet.

It wasn’t until a short while later when my best friend of 20+ years said that she had used peppermint oil to bring down her child’s fever that I decided to take a second look at that little box back on the shelf.

You see, many people will tell you that peppermint is not safe for a toddler.

For that matter, many essential oils on the market are labeled “for aromatherapy use only.”

So when my friend, who earnestly is the only person I know to be more neurotic about what she puts on or what she feeds her child and I am, said she used this oil on her toddler, I questioned ‘why?’

In that moment she asked me if I had heard of dōTERRA. Being that my gift of dōTERRA oils came from a mutual friend of ours, I simply said “Yes! Mandy sent me a box a while back.”  To which my bff said, “Well those are different, you really need to check them out.”

So I did. And I researched. And I researched some more.  I came across some very cynical sites and I came across some very helpful sites.

And I learned that there are going to be varying opinions of how to use essential oils and which brands are preferable, no matter where you look.


doTERRA stock photo

dōTERRA talks about having Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils… but in a world where there is no regulatory department for essential oils, what does that mean?

In 2008, a group of healthcare and business professionals who shared a profound, personal experiences with essential oils came together with a common vision: to bring a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world.  In doing so, they created a high quality standard they hoped would help improve the overall standard of all essential oils on the market.

In sum, to qualify as a Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade™ (CPTG) essential oil, these oils must achieve certain rigorous and continual standards.

First, they must be grown in an ideal environment, ideally where they are indigenous to.

Why is this important? Once, I mentioned this standard in a class and a lady gasped and asked me if I knew the importance of a plant being grown in its indigenous environment? I told her that I did but asked her to explain why she felt it was important…

An abundance of a variety of tomatoes with fresh baby basil.


Explaining that she is a chemist by profession, she went on to elaborate that a tomato grown in her town (Midland, TX) would have different nutrients, different chemical components than a tomato grown in Dallas, TX.  Because the sun, the soil, the air and even the water is different in every location, plants will produce the most consistently potent nutritional benefits when they are grown in their indigenous environment.

Smiling, I agreed and stated “it is the same with essential oils. Plants grown in the most ideal location will produce more consistently potent essential oil and thereby offer the most consistently therapeutic results.”

dōTERRA has a third-party company who verifies that every batch is quality tested to ensure the correct composition of the active and natural compounds found in each oil. In fact, they not only test every batch…they test every batch 5 different ways!

“dōTERRA CPTG oils are guaranteed to be pure and natural, free of synthetic compounds or contaminates. They are subjected to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing to ensure extract composition and activity.” (Retrieved from this page on June.2014)

Because dōTERRA’s standards are so exceedingly high, they like to say they are beyond organic; meaning they are completely free of any contaminants such as fillers, pesticides or chemical residues which can exist, even in organic production.

Desiring to create a better overall market for essential oil users everywhere, dōTERRA has offered to share the CPTG label with other brands, if they would go through the same rigor and meet the same high-level of requirements deemed necessary to carry this label.

To date, none have taken this opportunity.

Mostly why I chose dōTERRA after having used dozens of other essential oil brands for many, many years comes down to one thing…it worked for my family in ways that nothing else has.

Since making the switch to dōTERRA, we have been able to rid our home of harmful synthetic drugs. We no longer have to worry about negative side effects and only benefit from positive side benefits which are achieved by using natural solutions.


By working closely with our family physician, psychiatrists, etc. we have been able to manage ailments without the fear of negative reactions.

As someone with celiac disease who has suffered from hidden ingredients/fillers in prescription and OTC drugs, as the wife of someone with combat-related PTSD; but most importantly, as the mother of five beautiful children who has helped reverse symptoms of glaucoma in one child, and helped heal the gut of another, it is vitally important to me to be able to help others find natural solutions and empower others to find their own successful healing pathway.

In line with appropriate dietary changes and improved eating habits, dōTERRA has proven to be a positive vehicle for change and a successful resource for improved health in my household.

If I can help you experience the same, my life will be blessed.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring different essential oils and sharing the various ways my family has used these oils successfully.

In the meantime, if you would like to join in on our regular discussion of essential oils, be certain to join my Facebook group: Using Essential Oils, And Love it, Too!

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If you have any questions regarding dōTERRA or would like more information about signing up, please feel free to contact me at: permianbasindoterra(at)gmail(dot)com

I look forward to hearing from you!



*Full Disclosure/Disclaimer: Sunny Busby is a professional Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA Intl, LLC. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease or replace traditional medical attention.  Your doctor treats symptoms and fixes broken parts. Your body cures disease. Always consult your medical professional before changing any existing medications or treatments.  If you purchase products through the links provided, your cost will always be the same but I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. What does the name doTERRA mean? Thanks!

    • :-) doTERRA is a latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth,” which is the perfect way to describe these powerful oils. You can learn more about the doTERRA story here.


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