Start 2017 Off On The Right Foot!


If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; chances are you’ve heard me mention something called Terrafit

So what is Terrafit?

It’as a program that combines nutrition, exercise and essential oils to help you achieve optimal health and wellness over the course of a 12 week, group supported process.

When you join one of my groups, you’ll also be joining a competitive team which means extra opportunities for prizes and even cash rewards…

But the best part?

How you’ll feel and where you’ll be at the end of your 12 week journey!

August 2016 through November 1, 2016


From August through October, I dropped over 40lbs. Because I have been coaching other teams, I continue to stay driven and focus, and have now dropped over 60lbs! 



December 26, 2016


No doubt I am still a work in progress, but I am a happier, healthier, more energetic work in progress than I was a few months ago!

And to reassure you that I am not just telling you about the Terrafit program to stuff my pockets…

I don’t get paid for you to join my team. I don’t get paid to do Terrafit… I am sharing this with you because I want you to benefit from the life-changing experience I and so many others have benefited from as well!

But why blog about it now?

Well…there are several incentives I want you to know about. And instead of making some long social media post to share it on, it just made more sense to share with you here!

First, doTERRA is having their annual Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition!! 

If you’re going to be working on a new you, new lifestyle change, etc….you might as well get some rewards for it?

Well, everything in the Terrafit program coincides with the Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition! 


The only catch? In order to participate in the Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition, you do have to be a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer with doTERRA. 

And you may notice that many of the Slim and Sassy products contain dairy…but there are many that don’t. And they are all naturally gluten free.

The Terrafit program, which offers pre-planned menu’s and shopping list, is also not tailored towards a gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle…

But again, this is where being on my team can be a benefit!

I will help you tailor the program to these or any allergy need! 

Right now through December 31, when you make any 200pv purchase with doTERRA, they will gift you with a bottle of Frankincense FOR FREE!! ($93 value)

So where do you start?


My #1 suggestion to everyone joining the Terrafit program is to start with our Cleanse and Restore kit as well as a bottle of Mito2Max

When you sign up as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, you’ll automatically receive 25% off everything you purchase with doTERRA. When you start with one of our enrollment kits, your $35 enrollment fee is waived and you get a deeper discount by purchasing a kit.

So…our Cleanse and Restore kit gives you the best starting price you can get on the products that will most effectively help jump start your New Year, New You program and get your body set where it needs to be!! 


That $79.05 savings is on top of the wholesale pricing, and doesn’t include the $35 enrollment fee which has been waived…so effectively, you’re getting more than $350 in products for just $245. Add in the Mito2Max (Retail $52.67, Wholesale $39.50) and you’ll also get that 15ml bottle of Frankincense for free!! ($93 value) 

That’s more than $200 in savings/free product!!!

Most importantly, you’re getting products that actually work, are safe, natural and effective! No synthetic products or artificial ingredients in any doTERRA product. Period. 

ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS, when you enroll with me as a new Wellness Advocate/Wholesale Customer on or before December 31, 2016, you’ll also qualify for a special, Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Competition Related gift from me! This gift will be tailored to meet your needs…but know it will be something to help get you started on the Slim and Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition/Terrafit Program in the best way possible! 

I am so excited to share this journey with you! To start 2017 in the best way possible…and to make 2017 the year that we all succeed! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!




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