no-bake cookies (allergy-free, refined sugar-free, grain-free, vegan)

About a week ago I pinned these beautiful, paleo-friendly no-bake cookies which were originally shared by Alison Lewis from ingredients, inc.

While Alison’s recipe is good, really good, this recipe has been the cause of much discussion over the last week.

One of the main discussions that really stuck with me is where on earth do you find good chocolate chips that don’t have cane sugar or artificial sugars in them?

While my chocolate chips of choice use evaporated cane juice, which is safe for my family; there are many (like my friend Ricki Heller from Diet Dessert and Dogs), who cannot have cane sugar of any type.

So when Ricki asked me if I knew of a good replacement for the chocolate chips, I had no positive answer for her.

I knew right then and there that I wanted to revamp this recipe, if for nothing else than to make something Ricki could enjoy, too.

The addition of flax seeds to this recipe not only increases the nutritional value of these cookies, it adds just enough of a bite, making these truly reminiscent of the texture more traditional oat-based recipes have.

Inspired by Alison’s beautiful paleo-friendly recipe, I have updated the recipe from my childhood and am happy to share these allergy-free, refined/cane sugar-free, vegan and paleo friendly no-bake cookies made just for you.

Have a wonderful week!


no-bake cookies (allergy-free, refined sugar-free, grain-free, vegan)



  1. In large saucepan, combine palm sugar, cocoa powder, coconut oil or palm shortening, unsweetened coconut milk and salt. Melt over medium heat until mix reaches a light simmer, stirring continuously. Lower heat slightly and continue to stir for 60 seconds. Remove from heat.
  2. Quickly stir in remaining ingredients. Drop mixture by the tablespoon onto parchment-lined cookie sheets and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes or until completely cool.
  3. Makes approximately 30 cookies.


  1. Outstanding problem solving, Sunny! Those are so gorgeous and no doubt amazing! 🙂


  2. I’m totally honored–and thrilled–that you made these partly with me in mind!! And yours DO look amazing. I’ve been playing with the recipe using unsweetened chocolate and coconut sugar, but the texture was all wrong, in my opinion. Now THESE look perfect!! I simply cannot wait to try them. Chocolate! Cookies! No-bake!! Can’t think of anything better. Thanks so much for a glorious recipe, Sunny!! 😀 xo

  3. These look so wonderful! I’d bet they’d be a great, filling snack.

  4. Noglutenhere says:

    Seriously I could cry when I saw this recipe, thank-you!

  5. Nice recipe though I have one nitpick… I wish people would stop saying allergy free when what it appears to ACTUALLY be is common allergen or worst-8 allergen free. (I happen to be allergic to sunflower and flax). I’ll try it with pumpkin seeds and chia in place of the flax.

    • You could always leave out the flax and simply add more coconut. I like the bite that the flax seeds offer, but they are by no means required for this recipe. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Thank you for this recipe!! I may try and substitute carob powder for cocoa powder, as we have sensitivities to it in this family..:)


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